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Amino Acid Analysis

  The Amino Acid Analysis facility has served over 250 academic and industry researchers worldwide since its inception in 1984, providing access to high quality proteomics applications at a competitive price.The facility owns and operates a Pico-Tag System using the Waters Alliance 2690 and Waters 2487 Dual Wavelength Absorbance Detector and a Pico –Tag System using the Waters 510 Pumps, WISP 712B Cooled Autosampler, Column Heater with Temperature Control Module, and 2487 Dual Wavelength Absorbance Detector in addition to the Waters Pico-Tag Workstation for hydrolysis of samples. Instrument control, data collection, and processing are handled by Waters Millenium32 Chromatography Software v. 4.0 on a Pentium 4 PC.

The facility routinely conducts accurate analyses of sample concentration, composition, and purity using 500 picomoles (and as little as 50 picomoles) of purified protein. Services offered include:

For Purified Protein/Peptide Samples After Hydrolysis:

  • Estimate Amount Of Protein
  • Estimate Degree Of Purity
  • Estimate Concentration of Protein/Peptide Solution
  • Determine Amino Acid Composition
  • Estimate Hexosamine Content In Glycopeptides
  • Estimate Amount Of Unusual Amino Acids
  • Acquire Amino Acid Profile Of Foodstuffs
  • Estimate Tryptophan &/Or Cysteine Content Of a Peptide

For Amino Acid Samples Without Hydrolysis:

  • Determine & Estimate Specific Free Amino Acids In Media & Solutions
  • Determine Physiological Amino Acids in Biological Fluids
  • Determine C- Terminal Sequence
  • On average, the results of these analyses are prepared within 5 business days.

Rey Interior has been with the Amino Acid Analysis Facility since 1987, and his extensive knowledge is reflected in the quality of our results. Our experienced staff is more than willing to work with you to develop customized sample preparation techniques, methodologies, and results to suit your needs.