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HTS and HCS Equipment

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Integrated Automation Platform

CataLyst Express Articulated Arm

The CataLyst Express provides reliable, precise automation of micro-plate handling for a wide range of instruments and containers and enables researchers to easily automate small volume assays.The CataLyst Express hardware consists of a CRS CataLyst-5 robotic arm, three micro-plate storage units and a re-grip station mounted on a metal base. The re-grip station enables the CRS CataLyst Express to rotate micro-plates to either landscape or portrait orientations.

BioTek ELx405UCWVS Plate Washer

The ELx405UCWVS plate washer uses a precise Dual-Action manifold providing independent control of both dispense and aspirate manifolds both 96- and 384-well micro-plates. With its slanted dispense tubes, full control of dispense and aspiration rates and unique x, y, z positioning, the ELx405 Select is ideal for the most demanding wash requirements. The ELx405 Select CW is specially designed to accommodate non- or loosely-adherent cell lines.

Perkin Elmer PlateStak Storage

The Perkin Elmer PlateStak consists of 2 stacker modules, each with capacity for 50 standard -96,-384, or -1536 well micro-plates, 15 deep-well plates or 12 roborack tip boxes and the ability to sort and store plates for first-in, first-out processing.

Thermo Kendro Cytomat 2C450

The Cytomat 2 C450 is a 42-plate capacity automated cell culture incubator for storage and incubation of assay plates. It provides extremely stable conditions in a temperature range from 4°C to 50°C with high humidity up to more than 90% rH.

Perkin Elmer Evolution P3

The Perkin Elmer Evolution P3 liquid handling systems uses a 96-P235 head (volumes 5-235ul, 96/384 well compatible) and is equipped with a 96-channel disposable tip pipetting head, heated/cooled/shaking tile, tip wash station, chilled reagent trough and vacuum filtration options.

Perkin Elmer Envision Multimode Plate Reader

The Envision multi-label plate reader is fast, sensitive and versatile to deliver optimized performance in every application and for every label. The Envision reads all non-isotopic detection technologies: AlphaScreen, Fluorescence Intensity, Fluorescence Polarization, Time-Resolved Fluorescence including DELFIA and LANCE, Luminescence and Absorbance.

Non-Integrated Instruments

Thermo Scientific Cellomics ArrayScan® VTI HCS Reader

Known for its robust imaging and integrated informatics solutions, the Thermo Scientific Cellomics ArrayScan® VTI HCS Reader offers complete live-cell quantitative kinetic imaging. Scientists now have the ability to not only image live cells, but to keep those cells alive for both short- and long-term experiments in a controlled environment similar to that of a tissue culture incubator.

The VTi  from Cellomics is equipped with environmental controls and automated robotic liquid handling for microscopy of live cells. It is capable of resolving spatially and temporally separated fluorescent labels to quantitatively measure multiple features simultaneously to determine the effects of gene over-expression, knock-down or small molecules have on cellular phenotypes.

  • Sub-second High Resolution Cellular and Sub-Cellular Imaging enables users to monitor and analyze multiple, individual cells with sub-cellular resolution. Data reveals heterogeneity of kinetic responses and enables researchers to make better decisions by observing correlations that are not revealed in well-average responses.

  • Kinetic Assay Scheduling Software permits fully automated, unattended execution of complex, live cell experimental protocols involving data acquisition, processing and analysis, as well as pipetting activities for increased productivity.

  • Integrated Liquid Handling System provides fully functional liquid handling for compound and reagent delivery, mixing and cell washing during live cell experiments.

  • Onboard Environmental Control enables live cell experiments by maintaining precise physiological conditions throughout the assay time course, resulting in more biologically meaningful results.

  • Flexible Optical System for both brightfield and fluorescent imaging with automated filters and 5X through 40X objectives provides flexibility for a wide variety of fluorescent reporters and dyes for ratio metric imaging. Compatibility with 6 through 384 well plates as well as SlidePort™ Slide Insert permits imaging for a variety of sources. The ApoTome® Optical Sectioning Module enables brilliant optical sections, even of thick fluorescent samples, by means of "structured illumination."

  • Proprietary BioApplications reduce assay development time by providing researchers with “plug and play” software modules and the flexibility to adjust assay parameters for measurement of a wide range of biological outputs.

Perkin Elmer ProScanArray

The ProScanArray 4 laser confocal micro-array scanner from Perkin Elmer integrates image acquisition and analysis for both genomic and proteomic applications for analysis of virtually any micro-array assay, including quantum. Configured with red, green, blue and yellow lasers and a 20-slide autoloader, it is well-suited for multi-application use.

Perkin Elmer Piezorray

The Piezorray is a non-contact micro-dispensing system designed specifically for pipetting sub-nanoliter volumes to dense arrays. Liquid volumes are precisely and accurately controlled by a patented piezoelectric tip technology that dispenses reproducible picoliter volume droplets. The instrument is extremely versatile and can pipette into and aspirate out of a number of standard plate formats, and dispense to a variety of porous and non-porous substrates for creating arrays.

Perkin Elmer Protein Array Workstation

The ProteinArray Workstation automates and miniaturizes many of the applications for protein micro-array technologies in a very low volume (75 ìL) reaction chamber. The ProteinArray Workstation has been designed to ensure complete uniformity of temperatures 4 to 45°C.

2X Perkin Elmer MultiPROBE liquid handling systems

Genetix QPixII Colony Picker

Zeiss Cell Observer Axiovert 200

Molecular Devices SpectraMax Plus 384

BTX Electroporator with Cuvette Stand, Petri Dish Electrode, Petri-Pulser Electrode for 6 Well Plates,  Coaxial Electrode for 96 Well Plates,  HT Plate Handler with  High Throughput Electroporation Plates

Lonza Nucelofector and Nucleofector 96-well Shuttle System with an extensive database of Protocols