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Mass Spectrometry Equipment

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ThermoFisher LTQ

A workhorse linear ion-trap instrument offering lower cost protein identification.

Great for identifying the proteins in large numbers of gel bands.




ThermoFisher TSQ Vantage




A very sensitive triple-quadrupole instrument for peptide quantitation.

Best instrument for MRM quantitation in complex mixtures.

Can be used instead of Western blotting experiments when antibodies are unavailable or when more quantitative proteomic studies are undertaken.

Can be used for conventional small molecule/metabolite projects as well.

Equipped with both nano-flow and normal flow chromatography instrumentation and ion sources.


OrbiTrap Elite

Our most high resolution instrument.

Best for identifying large numbers of proteins in complex mixtures.

Equipped with multistage activation to aid in the identification of large numbers of phosphorylated peptides.




ThermoFisher Q-Exactive



Very fast scanning bench-top Orbitrap instrument producing accurate fragment ion spectra.

Best instrument for mapping post translational modifications.

Produces the best fragmentation spectra  for de novo sequencing projects.

Can be used for targeted and/or Data-Independent peptide quantitation.