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Mass Spectrometry FAQ

Question 1: What kind of results do I receive from your service?

For data interpretation, we normally provide the result  in a Word file (.doc format) for the analyzed samples. This report includes the protein ID, the NCBI accession number, the peptide sequence, and describes the post-translational modifications incurred. 

Protein identification reports are e-mailed as a Scaffold file (.sfd). The free viewer is available at the Proteome Software website, (http://www.proteomesoftware.com/Proteome_software_prod_Scaffold_download.html )

Mass measurements are either printed out and can be picked up in the lab or e-mailed as a Powerpoint slide.

Question 2: How long can the data be kept by your computer?

We save MS data to a backup CD on a monthly basis. These files will be saved for 1-2 years. You can check your results any time as long as you have the file number on hand.

Question 3: How can the customer save money for mass spectrometric analysis?

Sample preparation is critical to obtain quality data. We hope customers can submit purified materials for MS analyses. Special discounts are available if a number of samples are submitted at one time. We are also open to developing service contracts that allow for considerable discounts for high volume orders.

Question 4: Are you open to collaborations? If so, what will the Mass Spectrometry Facility contribute? 

We only accept collaboration projects based on mutual interests, such as technology development, proteomics research, and the characterization of protein post-translational modifications. The Mass Spectrometry Facility offers our MS expertise to assist in designing experiments, solving problems and writing publications.