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Sypro Ruby Staining Protocol

SYPRO Ruby must be protected from light so cover gels during the staining process. Use plastic staining containers as glass trays will interfere with the staining process.

  1. Fix resolved gel(s) in 10% Acetic acid and 40% methanol for 1 hour.
  2. Incubate fixed gel(s) in SYPRO Ruby gel stain (Molecular Probes) for 4-12 hours.
  3. Destain the gel(s) in 7% acetic acid and 10% methanol for the same length of time used to stain the gel(s).
  4. Gels can be stored in the destain solution or water at 4ºC.
  5. Proteins in the gel are visible by a 300nm UV, blue-light transilluminator, or a laser scanner.

We recommend that you run multiple lanes and submit several bands together, excise bands with as little excess gel as possible, and take a picture of the stained gel and submit it along with your samples.

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