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Join the Sharpe Lab! Openings are available for talented scientists of all kinds

Graduate Students

Students interested in graduate research are encouraged to contact me directly, although acceptance into the program requires an application to the Department of Biochemistry graduate program. Inquiries are welcome from students at both the MSc and PhD levels, who are interested in joining any of our ongoing research endeavours, including projects on protein assembly, membrane protein structure, and drug interactions with viral ion channels.

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is a world-renowned academic health sciences centre dedicated to the care and prevention of paediatric diseases, and The Research Institute is the largest hospital-based Institute of its kind in Canada. Both the Molecular Medicine Program at SickKids as well as the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto offer diverse and highly collaborative research environments. Multidisciplinary training programs and a number of ongoing seminar series featuring top local and international scientists provide a stimulating environment for students and fellows.

Postdoctoral Fellows

An opening is currently available for a Postdoctoral Fellow interested in using a solid state NMR based approach to study the structure, dynamics, and mechanisms of peptide self assembly in elastins, prions, and amyloids. Highly motivated individuals with strong backgrounds in structural biology, membrane proteins and/or NMR are encouraged to contact me by e-mail (ssharpe@sickkids.ca). Please include a cover letter with a CV describing relevant research training to date, a list of publications, and indicating long-term research interests and career goals. Suitable candidates will be contacted and may be invited for an interview.

In addition, highly qualified individuals interested in pursuing research in membrane protein structure, protein-membrane interactions, or other related topics should feel free to contact me at any time to discuss possible projects in the lab.

Additional information regarding the postdoctoral training program at SickKids is available from the Research Training Centre website »»

Undergraduate students

We have ongoing opportunities for undergraduate students to work in the lab on a range of projects. Summer students are hired through the SickKids Summer Research Program.

In addition, opportunities to work in the lab for course credit are available for University of Toronto students through the BCH299 and BCH473 courses offered by the Department of Biochemistry. Interested students should feel free to contact me directly for details regarding projects and positions currently available in the lab.