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Research Training Centre

Frequently asked questions

I'm interested in a research position at SickKids. Who should I contact?

The best way to get involved at SickKids is to investigate the areas of research which suit your interests and contact the principal investigators directly. You can find more information on our research programs along with a list of principal investigators in the Research Programs section of our website.

I am looking for a job at SickKids. Who should I contact?

If you're looking for an employment position, visit the Human Resources - Careers section. Available job opportunities are posted through this link.

I am interested in volunteering at SickKids. Who should I contact?

There are two places where you can find volunteer positions at SickKids. Through Volunteer Resources, or through the Women's Auxiliary.

Contact these departments directly.

Please note: In accordance with our hospital policy, employment and volunteer positions at SickKids would be conditional upon providing the hospital with satisfactory documentation of tuberculosis testing and your immunization.

Who is a trainee?

A research trainee is any individual working at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) as a Graduate Student, Research Fellow, or summer student.

  • A graduate student is any individual pursuing a Masters or PhD degree.
  • A research fellow is any individual pursuing post-doctoral research training.
  • A summer student is any individual pursuing an undergraduate degree program.

What does the RTC offer to trainees?

The RTC coordinates various initiatives and programs catered specifically to research trainees at SickKids. RTC maintains a trainee registry, coordinates research training funding competitions, runs career development seminars, organizes safety seminars, maintains a website and organizes other related activities and events.

Who is the RTC?

RTC activities are managed by a committee of SickKids representatives from various academic training programs. There is representation from the Research Institute programs, the Departments of Paediatrics, Surgery, Nursing, Professional Services, SickKids Foundation, Public Affairs, as well as the trainee population. There is also a Coordinator and Senior Secretary, who manage all RTC administration. The committee works to ensure individuals pursuing research careers at SickKids receive the highest quality of research training by: advocating the importance of research training, continuously working to improve opportunities for research training at SickKids, maintaining a funding base for research training at SickKids, and enhancing the academic and career development of research trainees.

Who should register with the RTC?

Any trainee (Graduate Student or Research Fellow) conducting research at SickKids, or working under a SickKids Scientist should register with SickKids upon commencement of their training.