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Research Training Centre

Position, Benefits & Stipends

Graduate Student Information

A graduate student is any individual who is pursuing a master’s degree or a PhD.

Position, Salary, and Benefits

  • Position: Graduate students at SickKids hold a fixed-term training position in his/her specified research program within the Research Institute.
  • Stipend:  Minimum graduate student stipends are laid out in accordance with the university departmental guidelines. Please contact your university department for more information.
  • Benefits:
    • Graduate student health benefits are provided by his/her academic institution.
    • Guidelines for Graduate Student Personal Time Off - The University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine has developed the following guidelines for graduate students with regard to personal time off.  To learn more, download the guidelines.

Research Fellowship Information

A research fellow is any individual training in research within six years of completion of his/her doctoral or highest medical degree.

Position, Salary, and Benefits

  • Position: Research fellows at SickKids hold a full-time fixed-term training position in his/her specified research program within the Research Institute.  
  • Salary: Research fellows receive a CIHR minimum of $40,000/annum from a source agreed upon with his/her supervisor (i.e. supervisor's grant, Restracomp, external award).
  • Benefits:
    • Two weeks paid vacation per year
    • Research fellows on the SickKids payroll system are eligible to participate in the Hospital Dental and Extended Health Benefit Plan. The benefit deductions will be deducted from your pay. Benefit coverage will be effective at the beginning of the month following a three month waiting period. The research fellow should inform Human Resources of their plan choice within 30 days from your date of hire or they will automatically be enrolled in the minimum level of benefit coverage. (*Research Fellows with their own funding, who are not paid through payroll, should look into an individual plan through an insurance carrier.)

Terms of Fellowship

A research fellowship appointment with SickKids is based on scientific research. Any additional activities or clinical duties (patient contact) should be discussed with his/her supervisor and the appropriate clinical program head.

Employment is for an initial, specified fixed term. The maximum term under the appointment of research fellow is six years post-PhD or highest medical degree, unless career interruptions have occurred. Fellows are encouraged to apply for external funding throughout their appointment.

Prior to commencing research training at SickKids, the objectives of the research program, the objectives of the fellow, and the supervisor's expectations will be discussed. Performance will be evaluated against these objectives following a six month probationary period. If any questions or concerns arise, fellows should speak directly with their supervisor. Performance will be evaluated annually thereafter, and the Research Training Centre (RTC) will provide an assessment form to facilitate this process.