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Research Training Centre

Mentoring Tips

  1. Establish regular meeting times to discuss progress, problems and data.
  2. Provide guidance on how to keep a lab notebook.
  3. Encourage students to develop relationships with other faculty members, students and colleagues.
  4. Know where to refer students for assistance with degree requirements, funding, housing, daycare, crisis intervention and other potential needs.
  5. Provide prompt feedback when reviewing a trainee's paper or proposal.
  6. Clarify that the responsibility for utilization of data for publication is held jointly by the supervisor and student.
  7. Attend students' seminars, journal club presentations and poster presentations, and provide feedback.
  8. Be available for trainees on a regular basis.


The above was abstracted and condensed from several sources, as follows:

How to be a Good Graduate Student, by Marie des Jardins.

The University of Toronto Biochemistry Graduate Students "The Ideal Supervisor: Students' Concerns regarding Mentorship", compiled by Nana Lee.

The UBC Faculty of Graduate studies. Source: A Handbook of Graduate Supervision at UBC, published the Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth, 1998.