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Research Training Centre

Clinician Scientist Training Program


CSTP is the SickKids Research Institute's graduate scholarship program for health professionals, and it funds exceptional clinician researchers working under the supervision of a SickKids scientist. There are two CSTP competitions annually, in February and September.  

CSTP Master’s and PhD scholarships are valued at $40,000 per year. Master's scholarships provide funding for two years from the start of a Master's program. PhD scholarships provide funding for five years from the start of a combined MSc/PhD or direct-entry PhD program, or for four years from the start of a PhD for applicants who already hold a Master's degree.

Under the Restracomp umbrella, the Research Institute also offers a variety of co-funded scholarships and bursaries to top-ranking students in partnership with SickKids Centres (the Garron Family Cancer Centre, the Centre for Brain and Mental Health, the Labatt Heart Centre, the Centre for Genetic Medicine, and the Centre for Global Child Health, the Mouse Imaging Centre) and donors (the Reva Gerstein Studentship, Wilder Bursary, Enbridge Bursary, HSBC Bursary, PricewaterhouseCoopers Bursary, Rogers Family Bursary, and the Toronto Star Bursary). Students applying to CSTP are automatically considered for the above scholarships and bursaries; no additional application is required. 


The second Friday in February and September, annually.

Eligibility and Award Duration

For detailed information about CSTP eligibility and award duration, please read the Restracomp-CSTP Policy and Procedures manual.

How to Apply

Application instructions are available on the CSTP Application site. For detailed application guidelines and specific document requirements, please read the Restracomp-CSTP Policy and Procedures Manual.

The Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program (CCHCSP)


The Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program (CCHCSP) provides support for highly qualified child health clinician candidates to develop knowledge and skills for a career as an independent scientist in child health research. CCHCSP award holders engage in research training, mentorship, and participation in a core professional development curriculum in one of the participating Child Health Research Training Centres of the CCHCSP.

Via the Clinician-Scientist Training Program, SickKids conducts an internal peer review process prior to each CCHCSP competition to determine which SickKids applicants will be recommended for nomination to the national competition.


See above for CSTP deadlines. CCHCSP deadlines are April 1 and November 1 annually. 

How to Apply

See the CSTP information above. Visit the CCHSP website for more information.