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SickKids Summer Research Program

Frequently asked questions


Are non-degree students eligible to apply?
Yes, non-degree students are eligible to apply to the program.

Are international students apply?
Yes, international students are eligible to apply to the program.

I am not able to begin work until after the program starts, can I still apply to the program?
The summer program officially starts at the beginning of May and runs for 15 weeks until the Symposium Day, which is held in mid-August. Depending on how much later you are able to begin work, this may not be enough time for you to conduct sufficient research for your abstract presentation on the Symposium Day. Most students will begin on the first day and will have ample time to work on their projects which may put you at a disadvantage. Please consider this before applying to the program. Please contact the scientist(s) you are interested in working with to ask if (s)he would be willing to accept your application under these circumstances.

How many scientists can I apply to?
We suggest that you limit your applications to five scientists. Send your applications to those you are most interested in and whose research your background best suits.

The name of the scientist(s) I am interested in working with is not on the website anymore. Has the position been filled?
If a scientist’s name is no longer on the website, they are no longer accepting applications for a summer student. They are either conducting interviews or have already selected a student.


I am only in first-year and do not have a university transcript. Should I send one with high school grades?
If you do not have university transcripts available, one from high school would be acceptable. First semester marks or mid-term marks are also acceptable, if available from your institution.

I will not have my present year marks until the end of January. Should I send my marks from the previous year?
If you do not have a transcript from your current year, one from your previous year would be acceptable (i.e. you are in third year, but send second year marks).

Reference Letter(s)

I am a first-year student and do not know any of my professors. Is it acceptable to submit a reference from someone else?
Yes. A reference should be from someone you feel would be best able to describe your past or current work/school experience. If you are not sure if a reference letter from a particular individual would be acceptable, please contact the scientist(s) to whom you wish to apply to ask.

How much weight is given to the reference letter in determining whether to hire an applicant?  
This is at the discretion of each scientist. Please contact the scientist(s) in advance of submitting a full application to ask.