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Visual Electrophysiology Unit


Our lab alumni from the last five years:

  •  Wylie Tan (Graduate student, optometry, University of Waterloo)
  • Laura Finkelberg (MD student, Queen’s University)
  • Durgaa Rajendran (MD student, University of Ottawa)
  • Michelle MacFarlane (MD student, George Washington University)
  • Julianna Sienna (MD student, Queen’s University)
  • Ekta Lakhani (MD student, Wayne State University)
  • Aphrodite Dracopoulus (PhD, University of Toronto
  • Guiseppe Mirabella (Psychoeducational Consultant, Toronto Catholic School Board)
  • Josefin Nillson (Neurophyiologist, Gothenburg)
  • Christina Gerth (Ophthalmologist, Germany)
  • Ananthavalli Kumarappah (Research Assistant, The Hospital for Sick Children)