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Bagli Lab

Dr. Gianpaolo Capolicchio

Research fellow (1999-2000)

Gianpaolo Capolicchio (“JP”) completed a year of research fellowship training in our lab, funded by the American Foundation of Urologic Disease scholarship. He studied the expression of collagen genes after distension of the whole intact bladder in culture, as well as their inhibition after treatment with peptide mimetics.

Present activities: hydronephrosis research

Present location:
The Montreal Children's Hospital
2300 Tupper Street, Room C527
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3H 1P3

Publications from our lab:
Our landmark study of the ex vivo bladder grown in culture media, with and without distension: Capolicchio, G, KJ Aitken, JX Gu, P Reddy and DJ Bagli (2001). Extracellular matrix gene responses in a novel ex vivo model of bladder stretch injury. J Urology 165:2235-40.

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