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Bagli Lab

Sarel Halachmi

Research fellow (2003-2004)

Sarel came to our lab with considerable clinical and research experience. He studied the effects of stretch on phospho-protein activity in the bladder, focusing on the effects of one transcription factor, STAT3.

Present location:
Department of Urology
Rambam Medical Center
POB 9602
Haifa 31096

Publications from our lab:
Halachmi, S., K.J. Aitken, M. Szybowska, N. Sabha, S. Dessouki, A. Lorenzo, D. Tse, and D.J. Bagli, Role of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) in stretch injury to bladder smooth muscle cells. Cell Tissue Res, 2006. 326(1): p. 149-58.

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