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Clinical Research Services

Clinical Investigation Unit (CIU)

The CIU provides researchers with a safe and controlled space in which to collect data on human subjects. The experienced RN staff is certified in ethics, IV starts, phlebotomy, universal precautions at the bedside, and transport of the specimens. Many nurses also have Good Clinical Practice Training.

Services provided include:

  • vital signs monitoring
  • anthropometric measurements – height, weight, skin folds and body composition measurements
  • administration of medications or isotopes orally or intravenously
  • oral glucose tolerance testing (OGTT)
  • single or repeated blood sampling pregnancy testing
  • dietary studies
  • body composition testing
  • calorimetry

The CIU contains the following resources:

  • Four patient care areas – two beds and two reclining chairs
  • An area for phlebotomy or cribs, if necessary

Each patient care area is equipped with:

  • call bells, oxygen, suction, clinical standard IVACs, infusion pumps and monitors for vital signs
  • crash cart and pharmacy basket
  • calorimetry equipment; and
  • ceiling mounted TVs, computer games, videos and DVDs, magazines and books, crafts and games as well as computers, to entertain patients and their families.