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Fetal MRI

Dynamic Imaging of the Fetal Heart

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Cardiac MRI acquisitions are typically synchronized to the heart cycle via an ECG gating signal. Unfortunately, a suitable in utero gating signal is not readily available in the MRI environment, precluding conventional fetal cardiac MRI. We have developed a solution to this problem, known as metric optimized gating (MOG). [1,2]

Using this approach, we have studied the normal distribution of fetal blood flow [3] and its disruption by left-sided congenital heart disease [4]. Fetal heart motion has also been studied in normal subjects and those with congenital heart disease. Exemplary images from these studies are shown.

Ongoing projects in our group include the study of flow redistribution in fetal growth restriction, transposition of the great arteries, left and right-sided obstruction, and the impact of these collective conditions on cognitive outcomes.

[1] Jansz et al. MRM 2010;64:1304-14
[2] Roy et al. MRM 2013;70(6):1598-1607
[3] Seed et al. JCMR 2012;14(79)
[4] Al Nafisi et al. JCMR 2013;15:65

Click to view full-sized image.
Click to view full-sized image.