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Horizons Visit to SickKids – Changing Attitudes

Manulife Kids Science has hosted students, supervisors and teachers from the Horizons program at the modern SickKids labs at in the Toronto Medical Discovery Tower at MaRS and the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning for the past number of year.

Manulife Kids Science provided the Horizons students with presentations from our scientists and the opportunity to test procedures and see first-hand the discoveries of these world renowned researchers. Each student was given the chance to listen and learn from a number of scientists in their respective fields of study, and were given opportunities to test out procedures, ask questions, and interact with scientists and researchers.

The results were extremely positive and have only improved with each year Manulife Kids Science does the program. The connections formed between scientists and students were even more significant, and some students who showed a strong interest in science as a post-secondary option are following-up with the scientists.

The Results

It was exciting to witness the change in attitudes that emerged from Horizons students. In follow-up surveys, over 70-80 per cent of the students stated an increase in awareness of the concepts of research and innovation. While 70 per cent of the students indicated a new or renewed interest in science as a field of study – an increase of almost 20 per cent when compared to their attitude before the visit. 

The comments we have received over the years were varied, but filled with excitement:

“The fruit fly demonstration with the mutations was pretty cool”

“What I liked was how we were able to use hands-on things to learn about science”

“Learning about genetics makes me want to learn more about being a researcher”