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Manulife Kids Science & Technology

Science Workshops

SickKids volunteers travel to schools and community groups to conduct curriculum based science workshops that include hands-on experiments and demonstrations on a variety of topics. A Science Workshop can vary in time from 30 minutes to two hours depending on the topic and what is requested.  Science Workshops run throughout the year including the summer months and can be requested by schools or community groups at: kidsscience@sickkids.ca  Workshops are available from Grade two to Grade 10, and each kit can be simplified for younger grades and expanded for older grades.

One-Hour Science Workshops
Please Note:  All workshops can be adapted to work with younger or older grades.

Simple Machines Workshop (pinwheel take-away)
These machines may be simple, but they are fun. Learn all about Simple Machines through science experimentation and demonstrations and take home your very own simple machine pinwheel!
Topics:   Movement; What is a Simple Machine?; Types of Simple Machines

Structures & Engineering (a "Test of Strength" competition)
A kit focused on all the different types of engineering! Learn how to build your very own structures, and test the strengths of materials.
Topics: What is a structure?; Building materials; Natural vs Man-made; Strength and Stability; Types of Engineering

Energizing Energy Workshop (catapult/sling-shot take-away*)
A non-stop energy packed Workshop!  Learn about energy while playing with toys.
Topics:  Types of Energy, with a focus on Kinetic and Potential Energy; Renewable and Nonrenewable energy
*Possibility of extending workshop up to two hours with The Great Paper Ball Battle

What’s the Matter? Workshop (states of matter and dry ice activities)
Learn about the states of matter in a fun, exciting and experiment filled way!  Have fun with volcanoes, plasma balls, dry ice bubbles and more!
Topics:  States of Matter; Changes in States of Matter with a Focus on Sublimation

Human Body Workshop  (Fake blood take-home)
How does the body work? This workshop provides experimental activities to investigate how the major systems in our bodies work.  
Topics:  Respiratory System; Circulatory System; Digestion System
*Possibility of extending workshop up to 1.5 hours with Nervous System & Musculoskeletal System

Things that Move! Workshop (paper airplane and helicopter take-away)
From airplanes to hot air balloons, how in the world do they fly? Learn about flight while competing in our Super Aerodynamic Airplane Race! 
Topics:  Properties of Air; Forces of Flight

Space the Final Frontier Workshop (with a paper rocket take-away and/or an orbit diagram)
Out of this world and into outer space, where you will learn all about stars , how space is a BIG place, and why Pluto isn't considered a planet anymore.  
Topics:  Earth and Planets; Moon; Sun; Stars; Space Crafts
*Space is split into two presentations: Sun and Stars & Planets, Comets and Meteors, which can be combined into a two hour lesson

Electrifying Workshop (circuit building)
Build Circuits, light up lights, and beat the buzzer!  This workshop is an electrifying take on all things dealing with electricity.
Topics:  Circuits, Static, Current Electricity
*Possibility of extending workshop up to 1.5 hours with Electricity Activity Game

Animation & Optics Workshop (make-your-own Thaumatrope & animation flip-book)
Animated movies and TV shows all use the same techniques to "trick" your eyes into seeing something moving when it really isn't. Learn how in this animated workshop!
Plus, learn how optical illusions and "Magic Eye" tricks work
Topics: Lights, Animation, Optical Illusions

Atoms, Molecules & Polymers Workshop (silly putty take-home)
These teeny tiny particles make up everything in the universe including the silly goo polymer you will be creating!
Topics: Atoms, Molecules and Polymers

Crime Science Investigation (CSI) Workshop (chromatography & code-breaking activity)
Learn about what tools CSI's use in this workshop, where we engage in a real-life mystery. Together, we use tools and science to solve the crime
Topics: Law, Crime Scene Investigation, Code-breaking, Chromatography
*Can be expanded with a group activity of piecing "glass" back together

Fun with Straws Workshop (numerous straw activities take-home)
Straws are NOT only for drinking, as you can have a lot of fun with them using some simple every-day items.
Topics: Water properties, air pressure, flight

The Sound of Music Workshop (Kazoo take-home)
Sounds are everywhere - but how do we hear them? How are they made? And, how do musical instruments work? 
Topics: Music, Sound, Vibrations, Pressure

How's the Weather? Workshop
Every day, all over the world, people encounter all sorts of weather. We will answer: How is it made, why do we have seasons, and how is "extreme weather" different than everything else?
Topics: Weather, Seasons, Climatology, Meteorology, Water Cycle

BUGS! Workshop (make your own giant ant take-home)
Bugs (more commonly known as insects) are the most abundant types of animals on Earth, but how are they different than us? What makes them so successful?
Topics: Zoology, social behaviour of insects, Entomology