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Diagnosing Demyelination and MS

How is demyelination diagnosed?

The child or teen is examined to document the pattern of neurological deficits or impairments. The doctor will first make sure that the symptoms and findings point to demyelination.

What else could this be?

There are other medical issues that could cause these symptoms similar to what is typically found in deymelination:

  • Infection: Lyme Disease, Cytomegalovirus (CMV) West Nile Virus, and others
  • Metabolic Disease: rare disorders in which cells cannot make energy properly
  • Sarcoidosis: an extremely rare inflammatory disease

Several tests may be done by a doctor in order to investigate these other possibilities, depending on the symptoms. Demyelination is often diagnosed after all other possibilities have been ruled out.

What tests may be ordered by a doctor or pediatrician?

  1. MRI
  2. Lumbar puncture
  3. Blood tests