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Blood test

Child providing blood sample

A small sample is taken from a vein on the patient's forearm or hand. The procedure is completed by a Phlebotomist, a trained professional with experience accessing veins in young children and teens. First, the skin over the vein is cleaned with an alcohol solution (antiseptic). Then a tight band or tourniquet is wrapped around the arm, above the site, enlarging the veins below it by limiting blood flow to them. A fine needle is then smoothly and gently inserted into the vein and the tight band is taken off the arm. Blood flows from the vein through the needle and into a special vial. Once complete, the needle is removed and the puncture site is covered with a band-aid, hindering bleeding or bruising in the area. 

How is this information helpful to my doctor and to I?

Results of blood tests provide further information to your doctor and assists with diagnosis, and the monitoring of therapy. Your blood can also tell us about your immune functioning, Vitamin D status, blood cell counts and your DNA.