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MS Kids

Research volunteers

Working together as a community to help advance MS research includes working with other health science professionals and those affected by MS, as well as working with healthy children, teens and families. Part of our program’s mission is to  provide healthy children and teens interested in health sciences and volunteerism an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to paediatric demyelination and MS research. We welcome individual children and teens as well as sports teams and schools interested in volunteering, to contribute to an important scientific field as well as learn about paediatric demyelination, MS and our program. Please contact us for more information.

MSKids research needs your help

Here is HOW YOU can HELP!

Come out to SickKids and volunteer with our research program. As a research volunteer you can choose to participate in the following:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan of the brain – A picture of your brain that can look at various brain structures.  You receive a picture of your brain after completing the scan.
  • Blood Sample – A sample that look at cells in the immune system and possible genetic differences.
  • Neurocognitive Assessment – Tests to understand how children and teens learn and process information.
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) – An eye test so we can look at possible differences in vision and eye structure.
  • Questionnaires – A series of questions for you to answer so we can look at your quality of life, including your social, emotional and behavioral adjustment, as well as diet (what food you typically eat) and how much sun you are exposed to.

Why should I volunteer with MSKids?

  • Come out to SickKids, meet with various health professionals and explore what it is like to have a career in health sciences.
  • Obtain community volunteer hours for your participation and involvement.
  • Be reimbursed for travel expenses (TTC tokens or parking) and receive a gift card as a token of appreciation for your involvement.
  • Receive a certificate of achievement and a thank you letter.
  • Be involved in a volunteer activity in which your contribution is truly invaluable to helping children, teens and families affected by demyelination and MS.
  • Become a valued member our MSKids community – our research team will keep you updated on ongoing events!

Find out more detailed information about each study component by visiting Research Components.