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Cognitive Assessment

The brain and learning

To understand how demyelination affects learning and cognition, we are carefully assessing cognitive abilities such as memory, language and reasoning skills.

A cognitive assessment involves completing paper-and-pencil and computer tasks that measure thinking abilities like memory, problem-solving and language. The assessment is completed in 4 hours, plus breaks for rest and lunch, and it can usually be finished in one day, depending on the patient or healthy research volunteer’s age, attention level and speed. The evaluation is designed for research purposes only, and it is not a formal clinical neurocognitive evaluation.

Patients and healthy research volunteers complete a second evaluation, 18 months after the first cognitive assessment. At this time, patients and healthy research volunteers receive a written summary describing their performance. Families can request to discuss the results of the research assessment with the psychologist if they wish. Our team is not able to provide feedback on the same day as the evaluation because all completed tests need to be scored after completion.