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Genetic Studies


Genetic Analysis

Genes, also known as DNA, are in each cell of our body, including our brain and immune cells. They tell each cell what to do, and how to function. For example, genes are what make some people have blue eyes, and some people have brown eyes. In some cases, they are also the reason why some people are more likely have a certain disease, and why others aren't. We believe that there may be differences in the genes stored in the brain cells and immune cells in people with demyelination. This is known as a genetic cause or association.

We would like to obtain a DNA sample from patients and healthy research participants. By collecting a small sample of blood, DNA will be examined for possible genetic patterns across children with demyelination and healthy research volunteers.

With patients, we would like to obtain DNA from families (parents and siblings) of children who experience a second demyelinating event, as there may be a stronger genetic component in these children. We will specifically ask whether a heightened genetic load, as measured by a positive family history for demyelination or specific genes, is associated with recurrent demyelination or MS.