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Translational Medicine

Research Foci

Cardiopulmonary & Haematology Physiology

This discipline encompasses all aspects of heart and lung health and covers a range of research topics including: the study of fetal cardiology; congenital heart disease; paediatric cardiovascular interventions and outcomes lung development; fetal to neonatal transition and lung growth; congenital diseases; lung injuries and infections; asthma; cystic fibrosis; mechanical ventilation; and critical care interventions.  Biology and treatment of childhood acute leukemias, the development of new drugs for the treatment of childhood cancers, and the biology and treatment of histiocytic disorders, along with platelet studies are being investigated amongst this group of researchers.

Cardiovascular & Haematology Researchers:
Dr. Christopher Caldarone Dr. Osami Honjo Dr. Steven Schwartz
Dr. John Coles Dr. Edgar Jaeggi Dr. Earl Silverman
Dr. Paul Delgado Olguin Dr. Shaf Keshavjee Dr. Mike Seed
Dr. David Faraoni Dr. Patrick McNamara Dr. James Whitlock
Dr. Mark Friedberg Dr. Luc Mertens  
Dr. Robert Hamilton Dr. Margaret Rand  
Dr. Aleksander Hinek Dr. Andrew N. Redington  
Pulmonary Researchers:
Dr. Cameron Ackerley Dr. Hartmut Grasemann Dr. Nades Palaniyar
Dr. Jaques Belik Dr. Jim Hu Dr. Felix Ratjen
Dr. Allan Coates Dr. Robert Jankov Dr. Susan Richardson
Dr. Flavio Coceani Dr. Valerie Waters Dr. Padmaja Subbarao
Dr. Mark Crawford Dr. Colin McKerlie Dr. Neil Sweezey
Dr. Ernest Cutz Dr. Theo Moraes  
Dr. Thomas Eiwegger Dr. Indra Narang  
Dr. Estelle Gauda Dr. Martin Post  


Imaging provides detection, measurement and visualization of physical processes in human subjects and animals, ranging from the microscopic level to the full body.

Dr. Hai-Ling Margaret Cheng Dr. Brian Nieman Dr. Olivier Villemain
Dr. Andrea Doria Dr. Christopher Macgowan  
Dr. Mark Henkelman Dr. Giles Santyr  
Dr. Andrea Kassner Dr. John Sled  

Obesity, Metabolism, Nutrition & Gut

Research within this discipline includes the study and application and development of nutritional care, metabolism requirements of amino acids, protein, folate, genetic and pathophysiology of pancreatic-inherited disorders, clinical studies of child obesity, potential therapeutics of novel substances, and paediatric pharmacology. 

Dr. Robert Bandsma Dr.Shinya Ito Dr. Paul Pencharz
Dr. Sylvain Baruchel Dr. Farid Mahmud Dr. Agostino Pierro  
Dr. Glenda Courtney-Martin Dr. Deborah O'Connor Dr. Stanley Read
Dr. Tanja Gonska Dr. Cecil Pace-Asciak Dr. Hoon-Ki Sung
Dr. Jill Hamilton Dr. Zdenka Pausova Dr. Greg Wells