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Translational Medicine

Archived presentations

PEM Research in Progress Seminars

The Research in Progress seminars give Physiology & Experimental Medicine (PEM) trainees the chance to observe and exchange ideas while they present their work to their peers.  Above all, trainees have the opportunity to gain presentation experience and get constructive feedback about their research at the same time.  In order to enhance the trainees' research and overall experience, some of these seminars are dedicated to new and emerging techniques that can benefit all trainees. learn more

PEM Symposia

In an effort to promote collaboration and to strengthen integration within PEM's different disciplines, several symposia have been organized. presentations, posters and abstracts

PEM Scientific Retreat

The PEM Scientific Retreat took place on March 10, 2010. Eight presentations from the retreat are available in Acrobat format. learn more


Videos from our symposium "Recent Advances in Our Understanding of Childhood Obesity" are available in Windows Media format. see the videos