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Translational Medicine

PEM Symposia

In the efforts of promoting collaborations within PEM's different disciplines and strengthening integration, several symposia have been organized.

Novel Approaches In Molecular Imaging And Treatment Guidance

Recent Advances In Our Understanding Of Childhood Obesity

Cardiovascular Performance In Fetal And Neonatal Disease

  • Symposium poster
  • Presentation abstracts
  • Nico Blom, MD, PhD - The presence of accessory atrioventricular pathways during normal and abnormal cardiac development. Download presentation
  • Lior Gepstein, MD, PhD - Human pluripotent stem cells: potential implications for basic and applied pediatric cardiovascular research.  Download presentation
  • Gil Gross, MD, FRCPC - Heart rate: a key determinant of myocardial electrophysiologic and contractile function.   Download presentation.
  • Edgar Jaeggi, MD, FRCPC - Intrauterine growth restriction and its impact on cardiac function and on arterial compliance in the young child.  Download presentation
  • Patrick McNamara, MD, FRCPC - Impaired myocardial performance following neonatal asphyxial cardiac arrest. Impact of resuscitation medications.  Download presentation

Respiratory Infections: Novel Research Exploring Diagnosis and Management

  • Jane Burns, MD - Molecular diagnostics in cystic fibrosis microbiology.  Download presentation
  • Richard Hegele, MD, FRCPC, PhD - Discovery of a cell surface receptor for human respiratory syncytial virus.  Download presentation
  • Theo Moraes, MD, PhD, FRCPC - Enhancing CD8 T cell immune responses to influenza.  Download presentation
  • Susan Richardson, MD, FRCPC - Viral respiratory diagnostics in children: a revolution in diagnosis, treatment and management.  Download presentation
  • Valerie Waters, MD, MSc, FRCPC - Use of biofilm antimicrobial susceptibility assay in cystic fibrosis. Download presentation