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Translational Medicine

Research in Progress Seminars

Series 2008-2009

The following presentations are available in PDF format

  • Dr. Greg Wells, Exercise medicine research in progress seminar, September 16, 2008 Download presentation
  • Dr. Reshma Amin, The lung clearance index and cystic fibrosis, October 14, 2008 Download presentation.
  • Dr. Jing Li, What is the role of signaling pathways in remote ischemic preconditioning? October 14, 2008 Download presentation
  • Dr. Andrew Redington, Remote preconditioning in adult and paediatric ischemia-reperfusion syndromes, October 14, 2008 Download presentation.
  • Robert Temkin, Electron microscopy: get the picture, November 11, 2008. Download presentation.
  • Dr. N. Nanda Nanthakumar, PhD, TLR4: A central player in the development of intestinal mucosal immune response of the intestine in the neonate and adult gut, November 20, 2008. Download presentation
    Poster Presentation. Download poster
  • Dr. Mingyao Liu, How many ways cells can die, December 9, 2008. Download presentation.
  • Jeff Butler, Microscopes – Varieties and applications, quorum flourescent imaging talk Download presentation
  • Christopher Tomlinson, Arginine synthesis in enterally fed preterm human neonates - June 9, 2009.  Download presentation

Series 2009-2010

  • Dr. Shinya Ito, Pharmacokinetis without equations, September 29, 2009.    Download presentation
  • Dr. Sheena Josselyn, Behaviour of the laboratory mouse, October 27, 2009.
  • Dr. Andrew Redington, Cardiovascular applications and mechanisms of remote ischemic preconditioning, November 24, 2009.  Download presentation
  • Dr. Andrew Willan, Why a bayesian be, December 15, 2009. Download presentation
  • Richard Sugarman, Human participant protections in research, January 26, 2010.  Download presentation
  • Dr. Gabrielle Boulianne & Jeff Winter, Overview of the SickKids Research Training Centre, April 06, 2010.  Download presentation
  • Arleen Yee, MSc, DVM, Heidi Falckh, BSc, with Special Guest Joel Liederman from MaRS Innovation, Corporate Ventures Office: Your Partner from Invention to Market Impact, April 27, 2010. Download presentation

Series 2010-2011

Corporate Ventures: Susana Andres and Namrata Barai, Industry engagement & sources of funding for industry-academic studies.  Download presentation