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Translational Medicine

Redington Lab

Principal Investigator

Andrew N. Redington, MB, BS, MRCP (UK), MD, FRCP (UK)

Post-docs, Fellows
Wei Zhu
Jing Li
Jia Li

Research Activities

Present research concentrates on analysis of myocardial performance using the abnormalities imposed by congenital heart disease and its surgery as natural models of chronic 'heart failure'.

Current research interests are in two major areas: the non-invasive assessment of myocardial contractility using tissue Doppler techniques, and the use of a novel remote ischemic pre-conditioning protocol to protect the myocardium and other organs from the ischemic insult of cardiopulmonary bypass and ischemia re-perfusion injury.

Additional areas of interest include: right left heart interactions and their measurement using conductance catheter technologies, and the assessment of oxygen consumption and mechanisms of hibernation as they may apply to post-operative intensive care.

Future research will move towards development of non-invasive techniques for assessing myocardial performance and the use of innate mechanisms of protection (eg. ischemic pre-conditioning) during cardiac surgery.


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