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Photo of Premier Wynne's visit April 2016
Premier Wynne's visit with OBI and partners, April 2016

Video: CBC News on YouTube - livestream with Dr. Jennifer Crosbie (October 2017)
ADHD, kids and learning | Q & A

Video and article: CBC News | Health (October 2017)
Children with ADHD move twice as much when learning, brain tests show

Article: CBC News | Health (May 2017)
Tool or toy? Why fidget toys may be hurting as many kids as they help

Video: The National (CBC) (May 2017)
Fidget spinners flying off shelves

Video: The Nature of Things (CBC) (March 2017)
ADHD: Not Just For Kids – Rehabilitative Video Game

Article: Globe and Mail | Health (April 2016)
ADHD, OCD, autism: Is it time to redraw the boundaries separating childhood behavioural disorders?

Video: Ontario Brain Institute (April 2016)
Premier Wynne’s Visit with OBI and Partners (featuring Mega Team)

Spit for Science

Spit for Science image

Video: The National (CBC)
Spitting for Science, July 2009 

Article: The Toronto Star
Exhibit at Ontario Science Centre collects kids’ spit, July 2009

Article: IMS Magazine | The Institute for Medical Science at The University of Toronto
Spit for Science: A population-based genetic study of childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder