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Tabori Lab

Tabori Lab

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We are a translational lab aiming at transforming basic biology and clinical observations to improve prognostification and to find novel treatments for children with brain tumours.

Our lab focuses on mechanisms that control tumour progression and resistance to therapy. We focus on tumours that have low and high grade components such as psediatric gliomas and neuroblastoma. Using these models we plan to understand how tumours stop progressing, and expand our knowledge of the specific pathways that control this unique behavior. Specifically we have shown that replicative and oncogene induced senescence may be the most important prognostic and predictive factors in some paediatric glial neoplasms. We are currently exploring the role of telomere maintenance inhibitors as novel therapies for higher grade paediatric gliomas such as neuroblastomas and glioblastomas which progress relentlessly.

Additionally, we are investigating how these mechanisms and others confer tumour radioresistance on one hand and host (patients) sensitivity to such toxic therapies. We hope to be able to tailor future dose of radiation and develop agents which will enhance or reduce radiotherapy related damage.

We are also involved in a group effort exploring the reciprocal interaction of cancer genetics and the genetics of cancer. We are undertaking this exploration by exploring the role of germline and somatic mutations in TP53 and other genes in childhood gliomagenesis.