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Tabori Lab

Research Interests

1) The role of telomere maintenance in paediatric neuronal tumours. In collaboration with other laboratories in the BTRC and SickKids Research Institute, we are examining the role of telomerase inhibition in glioma and neuroblastoma stem cells.

2) Uncovering the mechanisms that govern the spontaneous growth arrest of paediatric low grade gliomas. We are investigating the pathways that control this unique phenomenon. We believe that understanding the phenotype of these fascinating tumours will enable us to potentially “reverse” the high grade tumours into treatable ones.

3) The role of radioresistance and sensitivity in determining survival and long-term radiation side effects in children with brain tumours. Using novel techniques to measure radiation response in tumour and blood cells from patients and in collaboration with our neuropsychological team, we hope to determine which tumours will be resistant to radiation therapy on one hand and which patients are specifically sensitive to radiation and will need dose modifications to avoid the severe long-term neurocognitive effects.

4) The genetic profile of paediatric gliomas. We are investigating the role of several tumour suppressor genes, in which germline mutations predispose these children to early onset brain tumours in brain tumour initiation and progression.