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Respiratory Medicine
Respiratory Medicine

Research activities

Meet our researchers

Suhail Al-Saleh
Reshma Amin
Sharon Dell

Hartmut Grasemann
Theo Moraes
Indra Narang
Felix A. Ratjen
Melinda Solomon
Padmaja Subbarao
Neil Sweezey

Major research endeavors

Current Areas of Research

  • Clinical and epidemiological studies in patients with asthma and cystic fibrosis
  • Translational studies on airway inflammation and infection in cystic fibrosis
  • Effect of sex hormones in airway inflammation
  • Defining the role of novel genes in lung development
  • Aerosol therapy and exercise physiology.
  • Childhood Asthma Management Program Continuation Study
  • Pulmonary sequelae of sickle cell disease that is currently being addressed in a number of research studies
  • The CHILD study, a large birth cohort study to elucidate the factors important for the development of asthma in early childhood,
  •  Air pollution lung health effects,
  •  North American multi-center clinical studies of children with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
  • Clinical and physiological studies related to sleep disordered breathing
  • Obesity and cardiac disorders such as cardiomyopathies
  • Lung inflammation as well as immunological mechanisms involved in immunity against respiratory viruses.
  • The role of arginase and NO deficiency in CF lung disease
  • Multi-centre studies on azithromycin in Pseudomonas negative CF patients
  •  The role of aspergillus infection in
  • The multi-center study on the use of hypertonic saline as an early intervention strategy
  • Developing new outcomes measures to assess improvement in CF lung disease
  • The BREATHE program, a study to develop CFTR corrector therapy funded by CIHR and the Canadian CF foundation.


Other areas of applied research

  • an 80 site study in Australia, Canada and the US on Denufosol, a P2Y receptor agonist that activates chloride conductance through alternative chloride channels
  • Clinical drug studies targeting the basic defect in CF
  •  Collaboration exists with the adult CF program at St, Michael’s Hospital led by Dr. Tullis in both clinical care and many areas of research
  • Collaboration with the Lung Transplant Team at Toronto General  led by Dr. Keshavjee.
  • Newborn screening for Cystic Fibrosis