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Respiratory Medicine
Respiratory Medicine

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Clinic

We provide a specialized multidisciplinary clinic for paediatric patients with primary ciliary dyskinesia

The following patients should be referred to this clinic:

  1. Children up to 18 years of age with established PCD
  2. Children with suspected PCD suggested by the following findings:  
    1. Dextrocardia with respiratory symptoms
    2. Triad of chronic ear infections, sinusitis and lower airways disease
    3. Bronchiectasis of unknown etiology
    4. Chronic draining ears with chronic lower respiratory tract symptoms
    5. Unexplained neonatal respiratory syndrome (eg. collapsed lung, pneumonia, wet lung) in the term newborn with subsequent ear, sinus and/or lung problems
    6. Respiratory symptoms and sibling with PCD

How to make a referral

  • Send your referral via ARMs, our online Ambulatory Referral Management system.
  • Learn more about the ARM system


Useful websites for information on PCD:

PCD Foundation