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Paediatric Rheumatology Residency Elective program

The Division of Rheumatology offers postgraduate elective rotations of two to four weeks in duration for trainees enrolled in University of Toronto and other Canadian Residency programs in:

  • general pediatrics
  • pediatric rheumatology
  • adult rheumatology
  • pediatric immunology

Other residents in Canadian and international programs will also be considered based on capacity and availability.

Residents will have the opportunity to improve their clinical knowledge and physical examination skills through clinical experiences with children and adolescents with rheumatologic diseases. Residents will participate in rheumatology inpatient consults and ambulatory clinics. Residents will be given responsibility for clinical assessments and management decisions under the supervision of rheumatology staff. Residents will also have the opportunity to attend all academic teaching sessions and rounds of the Division. Please note that individuals must be in residency training in order to be eligible for this program. Additionally, residents from international programs must demonstrate that the language of instruction for their medical school and residency training is in either English or French to qualify.

For more information, please contact:
Kamela Ramlackhan
Administrative Assistant, Rheumatology Education Program and to Dr. Shirley Tse
The Hospital for Sick Children
Phone: 416-813-5828
Fax: 416-813-4989
email: rheumatology.trainingprogram@sickkids.ca