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What we do

What services does SCAN offer children and their caregivers?

SCAN offers a number of services, such as:

  • Reviewing and assessing cases of children who are suspected of being maltreated. This includes patients in the hospital, or those referred by the community.
  • Physically examining children or teenagers to evaluate concerns of child maltreatment. 
  • Providing children who have been maltreated and their families with support and referrals to people and agencies that can help.
  • Providing a psychosocial, forensic assessment of sexual abuse concerns for young children who have been referred by police and/or child welfare authorities.

What services does SCAN offer professionals at The Hospital for Sick Children and in the community?

SCAN provides community doctors and hospitals, Children's Aid Societies, Police, and other community agencies with the following:

  • Consultation on management of cases where a concern of child maltreatment arises
  • Emergency telephone consultation 24 hours a day
  • Education on child maltreatment issues
  • Collaboration and working together with other organizations to develop strategies for the prevention of child maltreatment

More information on the SCAN clinic.