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Medical symptoms possibly related to sexual abuse

  • Medical symptoms possibly related to sexual abuse (i.e. Anogenital injury, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Non-acute anatomic abnormality, Unexplained marks)
  • Sexual behaviours

Referring professionals accepted

  • Police
  • Children's Aid Society
  • Family MD
  • Paediatrician
  • Other Health Care Professionals
  • Legal professionals
  • Parent or child
    MD or secondary level paediatric centre

Patient group parameters

  • Greater Toronto Area (pending Child Health Network development)
  • Potential for Telemedicine
  • Referral back to family MD or secondary level paediatric center as determined by SCAN clinician

Requirements pre-visit
(if available)

  • Referral letter including examination findings and related test results - i.e. Photographs, swab results, final medical report
  • Concurrent referral to investigative agencies as assessed by SCAN clinician

Initial Visit

  • Usually within one week-dependent on acuity of symptoms and/or child protection concerns

Age Limit

  • Up to 18 yrs

Pre-visit education material and instructions (mailed or faxed by clinic if time frame permits, otherwise will be given to family/patient on initial visit)

  • SCAN clinic appointment pamphlet