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Son and father sitting together reading
SickKids Team Obesity Management Program

Program Summary: Early Years

STOMP Early Years began in June 2012 and involves a partnership with SickKids and Toronto Public Health. The two-year family-based program focuses on healthy living and targets children 6 months to 5 years of age living in the Toronto area, with a BMI greater than the 97th percentile, based on the WHO growth charts. In phase one of the program, parents attend a weekly two hour psycho-educational group for 10 weeks, complete individual appointments with inter-professional team members and home visiting with the TPH nurse. Group content is related to healthy living and incorporates the Incredible Years parenting program curriculum. The second phase of the program consists of medical check-ins and a fun interactive group every three months, with access to continued individual and home visiting.

Program Goals

Children and families

  • Increase parents understanding about healthy growth and development, including healthy weight in young children.
  • Enable parents to use strategies to support healthy lifestyle changes for the family.
  • Increase the child and family’s activity level.
  • Improve eating behaviours and nutrition of the child and family.
  • Reduce sedentary time.
  • Support healthy parent and child and family relationships.
  • Enhance the parents skills to increase confidence, self-esteem in their children.
  • Improve coping and problem-solving abilities in the child and family.
  • Improve confidence and comfort and acceptance of the children.
  • Address current weight related co-morbidities (obstructive sleep apnea, fatty liver, hypertension, hyperlidemia, eneuresis, bullying).
  • Prevent cardiometabolic illness and other obesity related morbidities by reducing weight.

Partnership between public health and health care

  • Building stronger community partnerships.
  • Integration of skills learned in the clinical centre to the home, school, community.
  • Provide outreach and education about healthy lifestyle behaviours into the community.
  • Integration of public health chronic disease prevention in the early years.

Home visits throughout the two year span of the program may be targeting nutrition, sleep, physical activity, connection to neighbourhood resources and parenting strategies depending on the individual needs of the children and families.