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SickKids Team Obesity Management Program

Referral Information

In order for a child to be eligible for STOMP, a referral must be submitted by a health-care professional. (ie. family doctor or paediatrician) Please note the Referral Criteria below when making a referral. Please see more information on how to make a referral.

STOMP Referral Criteria

We will accept a referral based on the criteria below.

For the STOMP program, children must be between the ages of 12-17.5 including the following:

  1. Child's BMI > 99th percentile

  2. Child's BMI > 97th percentile, plus one of the following conditions:
    • A significant obesity-related co-morbidity requiring subspecialty care such as:
      • Technology dependent sleep disordered breathing
      • Obesity-related Type II diabetes/inadequate glycemic control
      • Dyslipidemia-requiring medication
      • Pseudotumor cerebri
      • Hypertension requiring medication
      • Severe psychological impairment (school absence, bullying)
      • Psychiatric Illness requiring subspecialty care (eating disorder, depression)
      • Obesity related orthopaedic problems causing functional impairment in ADL’s
      • A significant co-existing chronic illness such as:
        • Medication induced obesity (ex.steroid induced) with coexisting systemic illness (ex. Cancer, post-transplant), other medication (ex. Resperidol in association with serious mental illness)
        • Hypothalamic obesity or central nervous system tumors (eg. Carniopharyngioma)
        • Neuromuscular or Central Nervous System Disorders (eg. Spina bifida, muscular dystrophy)

For the Early Years program, the criteria includes the following:

  1. Child's age must be six months to less than five years of age
  2. Live in the Greater Toronto Area
  3. Child's BMI must be in the 95th percentile according to World Health Organization Standards
  4. The child must have no severe developmental delay and not have Prader-Willi Syndrome 


Other important information to include in referral:

  • Height, weight & BMI
  • Any previous weight loss attempts
  • Co-morbidities and treatment
  • Growth chart
  • Pertinent health and psychosocial information