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Resources & Additional Links

The Hospital for Sick Children (Sickkids)

  1. About Kids Health
  2. SickKids Recommended Readings


  1. Meal Planning
    CDA Plate & Handy method
    CFG Vegetables and Fruits Servings
    CFG Grain servings
    CFG Milk & Alternatives Servings
    CFG Meat & Alternatives Servings
    5 Steps to Healthy Weight for teens
  2. Recipes
    Eat Right Ontario
    Dietitians of Canada
    Heart and Stroke Foundation
    Canadian Diabetes Association 
    Banana Monkey Smoothie
    The Hulk Smoothie
    Pumpkin Zucchini Loaf
    Pumpkin Seed Recipes
  3. Grocery Shopping Tips
    Buying Vegetables and Fruit
    Buying Milk & Alternatives
    Buying Grain Products
    Buying Meat & Alternatives
    Eating well while spending less
  4. Healthy Hydration
    Guidelines for staying hydrated
    Sugary Drink Sense for Teens
  5. Restaurant & Fast-Food Meals
    Dining out
    Fast Food options
  6. Tips for label reading
  7. Micronutrients
    Food sources of sodium
    Cut out the salt
    Food Sources of Calcium
    Food Sources of Vitamin D
    Food Sources of Vitamin B12
    Food Sources of Iron



  1. Canadian Obesity Network
  2. Canadian Paediatric Weight Management Programs
  3. Canadian Paediatric Society – Psychosocial aspects of child and adolescent obesity

Physical Activity

  1. ParticipACTION
  2. Canadian Paediatric Society - Healthy active living: Physical activity guidelines for children and adolescents
  3. Caring for Kids – Healthy Bodies
  4. Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines and Canadian Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines

Reports and Publications

  1. No Time to Wait: The Healthy Kids Strategy