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SickKids International

Our Difference

Image of the Hospital for Sick Children

The support SickKids International provides to our partners is driven by The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) vision: “Healthier Children. A Better World”. There is no other organization in the world that provides the unique pediatric-focused capacity building, to the level we do.

Healthcare Professionals

SickKids International’s Subject Matter Experts are healthcare professionals that work day to day at SickKids. SickKids is Canada's most research-intensive hospital and the largest centre dedicated to improving children's health in the country. As a leader in child health, SickKids improves the health of children by integrating care, research and teaching. Our Subject Matter Experts bring with them the level of excellence at SickKids and international best practices to your organization.

On-the-Ground, Customized Support

SickKids International prides ourselves in providing advice that is relevant to your organizational culture and the local healthcare system. We send  Subject Matter Experts to your organization to provide on-the-ground assessments and recommendations that are tailored to your needs and can best be implemented.

Sustainable Change

Our ultimate goal is to leave you with the resources to carry on successfully once we leave. We put forth tremendous efforts and planning to make sure that you have the infrastructure, systems, and human resources in place to ensure that all changes that were implemented while we were there, stay there.


Founded in 2006, SickKids International has over 13 years of expertise in providing international advisory services for our partner hospitals across the globe. SickKids International was founded with support from SickKids, a hospital with over 143 years of expertise. For more information on the past and current projects, see our Projects.