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Shenzhen Children’s Hospital (SZCH)

Shenzhen, China


Protocol Development, Chemotherapy Safety, Program Development, Clinical Practice, Quality and Patient Safety, Infection Prevention and Control, Research and Innovation

Project Status

Current Project – In 2016, SZCH and SKI established a 5 year partnership for advisory services and training.

Project Overview

Shenzhen Children’s Hospital (SZCH) is a 1300-bed hospital seeking to fulfill its vision of becoming a leading centre and preferred provider of high quality paediatric cancer care in China. To achieve this mission, SZCH has engaged SKI for support in building capacity to advance its Haematology/Oncology practice. This project was supported by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and received the highest Board of Committee ranking of all 25 international projects conducted.
In March 2016, a SKI team of Subject Matter Experts visited SZCH and conducted an on-site needs assessment to learn more about the strengths and opportunities within SZCH’s current practices. Using this information, the SKI team implemented recommendations with a keen focus on customizing the Hospital's services to the Chinese context to build capacity and ensure long-term sustainability.

Over the first year of this collaborative partnership, SKI and SZCH have made significant progress towards improving the quality and safety of care within SZCH’s Haematology/Oncology practice. Some key highlights include:

  • Established groundwork for development of leukemia and BMT treatment protocols, as well as supportive care guidelines
  • Delivered nursing education and clinical coaching with focus on areas such as physical assessment, chemotherapy safety, and PPE use
  • Introduced concept of child life and value of therapeutic play, preparation, distraction, and ideas around child and family centered practices

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TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital (TICH)

Tianjin, China


Education and training; Quality, Safety, and Risk Management; Research and Innovation; Clinical Services Planning; Patient Care and Outcomes

Project Status

Current Project – In 2016, TICH and SKI established a 5 year partnership for advisory services and training.

Project Overview

TICH is a 600-bed hospital in Tianjin that specializes in cardiovascular surgery and interventional therapy to manage a variety of congenital and acquired cardiovascular diseases. Historically more focused on adults, TICH has now committed to enhancing its pediatric cardiovascular practice model with advisory support from SickKids International (SKI).
In April 2016, a team of SKI Subject Matter Experts visited TICH to conduct an on-site needs assessment. Based on this assessment, SKI provided a set of recommendations that led to a five year advisory plan.

A total of 80 SickKids professionals have visited TICH and 94 TICH members have received international training at SickKids. Outcomes to date include:

  • Building a paediatric-focused model of care by separating adult and paediatric programs
  • Promoted a child and family centred care model that aligns with both international standards and the unique culture of the environment at TICH
  • Enhanced infection prevention and control practices and benchmarked against international standards to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Established performance measuring systems to collect data and measure improvement
  • Provided education and training for areas of care including nursing, medical doctors, physicians, surgeons, dieticians, respiratory, pharmaceutical, echo, anesthesia, the Social Psychology Education team, and many more

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