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Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC)

Doha, Qatar


Education and training; Quality, Safety, and Risk Management; Hospital Infrastructure Planning; Research and Innovation; Clinical Services Planning; Process Improvement and Redesign

Project Status

Completed Project
Timeline: 2007 - 2015

Project Overview

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), the largest non-profit healthcare provider in the State of Qatar, delivers the majority of acute healthcare services in the country. In its quest towards becoming an internationally recognized, world-class centre for paediatric health care, HMS sought advice and support from SickKids International (SKI) on implementation of global best practices, international standards, and evidence-based frameworks.
In  the first year of the multi-phase partnership, SKI conducted a comprehensive needs assessment outlining numerous key focus areas that would serve as the foundation of the project. In 2010, SKI began providing on-the-ground subject matter expertise and hands-on implementation support at HMC. These efforts were conducted in keeping with SKI’s promise of ensuring all services are customized to the client’s working environment in order to effectively build capacity and enable future sustainability.

This partnership encompassed all aspects of paediatric health care from primary to tertiary care, and resulted in many profound achievements in paediatric care. Outcomes to date include:

  • Establishment of new clinical areas and enhancement of existing ones
  • Enhanced model of care that focused on delivering family-centred care
  • Shift towards interprofessional practice across paediatric clinical programs
  • Advanced efforts towards building a community of research practice
  • Development of a comprehensive Human Resource Strategy focused on recruiting and developing paediatric-trained staff

To ensure continued sustainability of the results achieved through this partnership, SKI outlined and provided recommendations for a number of key areas of focus, including: leadership development, health system integration, and quality and patient safety.

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