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South Africa

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Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital (NMCH)

Johannesburg, South Africa


Commissioning Support, Governance Model, Stakeholder Engagement, Human Resources Management, Facilities, Equipment and technology, Education and Training, Quality, Safety, and Risk Management, Model of Care and Practice, Research and Education

Project Status

Current Project 
Timeline: April 2016 - Present

SickKids International is grateful for the financial support from Global Affairs Canada that enabled the opportunity to partner with the dedicated leadership and staff from the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital and Trust over the past three years.

Project Overview

In 2007, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund set out to establish the second paediatric hospital in South Africa (and the fifth in all of Africa) in Johannesburg. In 2016, following the construction of the hospital building, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust engaged SickKids International (SKI) for advisory services in several areas. This partnership was awarded with funding by Global Affairs Canada to support the commissioning of this new hospital.
In March 2016, SKI completed an in-depth diagnostic assessment that spanned and produced recommendations for numerous key success factors. The SKI team continued to provide on-the-ground implementation support and subject matter expertise to NMCH in Johannesburg with the goal of customizing offerings to the South African context in order to build capacity and ensure sustainability of all practices and procedures beyond project completion.
Over the year, the partnership between SKI and the NMCH Commissioning team has led to remarkable progress towards the opening of the new hospital. Some highlights to date include:

  • Delivered readiness and commissioning support by advising NMCH leaders in hiring new personnel, assessing medical equipment, and reviewing policies and procedures
  • Provided roadmaps to NMCH to help establish and customize key programs (e.g. Child Life Specialist Program, Volunteer Resource Program, and Paediatric and Neonatal Acute Care Transport Program)

The on-the-ground implementation support to our partners at NMCH are done in keeping with our core beliefs around building capacity and ensuring sustainability.

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