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Social Work

What we do

Social workers at SickKids are committed to assisting patients and families across all program areas in the hospital in adjusting to, coping with, and living with medical conditions, illness, and disabilities. Social workers play a vital role in working with patients and their families adjust to the numerous issues that can accompany illness and hospitalization. Social workers provide comprehensive services to individuals and families generally through collaboration with other team members and attending relevant multidisciplinary rounds and clinics to assist patients and families in navigating the system including:

  • Biopsychosocial assessment and intervention
  • Counseling and therapy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Provision of concrete services including through hospital, government, and/or community resources
  • Dissemination of relevant information to the patient, family and/or healthcare professionals around psychosocial/emotional, medical, and financial components of illness.
  • Case management
  • Advocacy and referrals


Group work is integral to social work practice at SickKids and is based on principles of inclusion, collaboration, mutual support, and respect through which the voices of every individual and the group as a whole are valued and honored. Group work is a valuable means for participants to work through the emotional and psychosocial needs and experiences of illness and disability. Social work groups are complex and the group process can be well suited to alleviating the emotional stress felt by patients and their families, who may experience feelings of isolation, stigmatization, and hopelessness.

Many social workers implement specific programs to benefit the patients and families they work with. For more information on groups currently being offered by social workers, speak to a social worker on your program/department to find out what is available.