Social Work

Social work

The Department of Social Work provides a full range of services to patients and families affiliated with in-patient and outpatient programs of the Hospital. Clinical services provided by social work staff include crisis intervention, adjustment to illness, supportive counseling for loss/bereavement, locating and arranging resources, and consultation with Hospital staff and/or other community agencies.

The department provides clinical and academic placements to students of social work at the University of Toronto and other accredited universities. In addition, members of the department are engaged in national and international research to enhance evidence-based practice with patients and their families.

The Department of Social Work provides 24-hour coverage seven days a week. The regular hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. A daytime on-call service is also provided during this time to respond to emergencies if the program social worker is unavailable. In addition, an After Hours On-Call service is available evenings/nights and weekends for patient care emergencies.

Who we are

The Department of Social Work at SickKids employs over 50 staff in its provision of services to children and families, performing a wide range of functions from psychosocial support ....

Education and learning

The Department of Social Work has an extensive education program that facilitates interdisciplinary teaching and educational support around the psychosocial experiences of health.....

Research activities

Research in the Department of Social Work encompasses extensive examination of qualitative and quantitative research related to the psychosocial experiences of health and illness for children and families.