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Thrombosis Program
Thrombosis Program

Who we are


Our clinical team consists of a Thrombosis Nurse Practitioner, who is in charge of the Outpatient Paediatric Anticoagulant Clinic (>300 children receiving anticoagulation at home), and four staff physicians devoted to providing care to children with blood clots or at increased risk of developing a clot.

Research Staff

Our research team consists of post-doctorate and research fellows and clinical research assistants dedicated to the design and conduction of clinical studies in paediatric thrombosis.  

Thrombosis Research and Clinical Support (TRaCS) volunteers support both our clinical and research initiatives.


An internationally renowned training program on paediatric thrombosis started in 2001 and has hosted to date an impressive body of alumni of more than 30 fellows from around the world (e.g. Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Ghana, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, and USA). Many of these fellows now hold leadership positions in the paediatric haematology/oncology divisions of their academic institutions and contribute to advancing the care provided to children with blood clots in their communities.