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Trauma Program

Trauma committees

Trauma Program Management Team (TPMT)

The TPMT is responsible for the management of trauma patients throughout the hospital.

Terms of Reference include:

  • To provide overall direction and leadership for trauma activities at SickKids.
  • To provide quality patient care to our trauma patients by following the Trauma Statement of Principles.
  • To provide direction to the Trauma Quality Management Team with respect to quality of care issues.
  • To conduct Morbidity and Mortality reviews on Trauma patients as necessary.
  • To provide leadership regarding injury prevention issues and activities to support and promote internal and external trauma related research activities.


Medical Director (Administrative) - Dr. Andrew Howard - Chair
Medical Director (Clinical) - Dr. Paul Wales
Child Health Services Director - Krista Cauz
Trauma Patient Care Coordinator - Dorothy McDowall
Critical Care - Dr. Desmond Bohn
Neurosurgery - Dr. Peter Dirks
Anaesthesia - Dr. Cengiz Karsli
Dianostic Imaging - Dr. Marilyn Ranson
Emergency Medicine - Dr. Bill Mounstephen
Emergency Medicine - Dr. Angelo Mikrogianakis
Safe Kids Canada - Allyson Hewitt
Clinical Manager, Emergency - Cindy Capstick
Trauma Team Leader Representative

Meetings are held on a monthly basis.

Trauma Quality Management Team (TQMT)

The TQMT is responsible for the analysis, implementation and monitoring of Quality Management issues and to improve the quality of care and services that we provide to our patients and families, in accordance with SickKids Quality Management standards. The TQMT reports to and takes its direction from the Trauma Program Management Team.


Trauma Patient Care Coordinator - Dorothy McDowall, Chair
Trauma Rehabilitation - Nicky Brookes
Social Worker
Trauma Chaplain - Michael Marshall
Emergency Nursing Representation
Critical Care Nursing Representation
Trauma Unit Nursing Representation
Parent Representative
Staff MD

Meetings are held on a monthly basis.

Trauma Resource Nurses Group

The trauma resource nurses group are nurses from Emergency, Trauma Unit (5C), and Critical Care, designated as trauma experts in their areas to function as a resource for patients, families and colleagues for trauma issues. The mandate is to collaborate with the other Trauma Resource Nurses to enhance communication and problem solve issues that arise with trauma patients.

Contact: Trauma Patient Care Coordinator - Dorothy McDowall