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Trauma Program

Who we are

The Trauma Program is an interdisciplinary team under the leadership of Dr. Suzanne Beno, Dr. Paul Wales and Elizabeth Ferguson.

Dr. Suzanne Beno

Trauma Clinical Director
Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Administrative assistant:
Ms. Pauline Smith
Phone: 416-813-4915
Fax: 416-813-5043

Dr. Paul Wales

Trauma Clinical Director
Division of General Surgery
Administrative assistant:
Ms. Janice Bowers
Phone: 416-813-7654 ext 1490
Fax: 416-813-7477

Elizabeth Ferguson

Director, Brain and Behaviour, Trauma, Adolescent Medicine
Child Health Services
Administrative assistant:
Ms. Jacqueline Gaudel 
Phone: 416-813-4996
Fax: 416-813-8027

Trauma Patient Care Co-ordinator
Dorothy McDowall
Phone: 416-813-8574
Email: dorothy.mcdowall@sickkids.ca

Child Life Specialist
Erin Boyle and Gavin Ross
Phone: 416-813-5692
Email: erin.boyle@sickkids.ca

Veronika Langos
Phone: 416-813-8575
Email: veronika.langos@sickkids.ca

Stacey Segal
Phone: 416-813-5323
Email: stacey.segal@sickkids.ca

Ruth Donnelly
Phone: 416-813-5790
Email: ruth.donnelly@sickkids.ca

Occupational Therapists
Nicky Brookes
Phone: 416-813-2153 ext.71
Email: nicky.brookes@sickkids.ca

Dana Sequeira
Phone: 416-813-2153

Renee Haldenby
Phone: (416) 813-6755 ext.13
Email: renee.haldenby@sickkids.ca

Margaret Reaume
Phone: 416-813-6755 ext.
Email: margaret.reaume@sickkids.ca

Social Worker
Julie Keagan
Phone: 416-813-8166
Email: julie.keagan@sickkids.ca

Speech Therapist
Michelle Nella
Phone: 416-813-7654 ext.2976
Email: michelle.nella@sickkids.ca

Transitional Care Coordinator
Jennifer DiSimone
Phone: 416-813-7227
Email: jennifer.disimone@sickkids.ca

Trauma Data Analyst
Margaret Kreller
Phone: 416-813-5075
Email: margaret.kreller@sickkids.ca