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Division of Urology

Welcome to the Division of Urology at SickKids

We encourage you to browse through our site for a comprehensive overview of our team members, the clinical and academic services we offer, as well as the new Patients and Families page to help guide our young patients and their caregivers.

Paediatric Urology is an often misunderstood and overlooked field of medicine. Paediatric urologists are, however, the “custodians” of the entire urological and genital systems for both boys and girls. We specialize in both the surgical and medical issues related to the kidneys, the bladder, and the genitalia. Thus, Paediatric Urology is much more than surgery.  Still, our team does offer a full range of surgical services spanning the spectrum of acquired and congenital urogenital conditions, including renal transplantation and comprehensive paediatric urological cancer care. Paediatric urological problems may require investigation beyond a clinical visit, as complexities of diagnosis may range from the most simple to the most rare and challenging.

As a result, there is a strong relationship between Paediatric Urology and other medical disciplines (eg. nephrology, oncology, endocrinology, genetics), surgical colleagues (eg., gynaecology, paediatric surgery), and in particular with radiology (diagnostic imaging and image guided therapy).

We strive to manage urogenital conditions, taking into account the behavioural and psychosocial aspects of each child and each problem. This approach acknowledges the often sensitive and personal aspects of each patient and his/her problem, allowing for a personal, individualized approach using patient and family based care. 

Working together with you, our patients and families, we in Paediatric Urology and at SickKids strive to give your child the normal, happy and healthy life they deserve.  

Thank you for visiting us.

Dr. Armando Lorenzo, Head of the Division of Urology