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Programs and services

The Urology Clinic is the main site for delivery of all facets of clinical urology care to children and their families. 

On a daily basis, there is a surgeon-run urology clinic covering all aspects of paediatric urology. Paediatric Urology clinics are also staffed with experienced specialty urology nurses, nurse practitioners and clinical surgical associates with various advanced levels of children's urology specialty experience. 

Integrated support from other key areas such as Diagnostic Imaging and Social Work form a vital part of the paediatric urology clinic experience. Also, due to additional interest and expertise of the members of our Division, multidisciplinary kidney stone and multidisciplinary urogenital clinics also take place in our clinic area on the fifth floor of the Atrium.

See associated brochures below on the programs and services offered in the Urology Clinic:

The Division also partners with services such as Telemedicine and Interpreter Services. For our 5D clinic location, visit Contact us.

If you are a parent/caregiver or patient, please contact your primary care doctor (paediatrician, family doctor) to arrange a referral to the Urology Clinic; have your doctor fax a completed referral form (available in PDF format). View the clinical directory for fax numbers. 


International Patients

Please note that all patients from outside Canada are evaluated for potential referral to our clinics through the International Patient Office.

New patients

If your doctor has referred your child to the Division of Urology we will contact you by mail with an appointment – unless it's urgent in which case we will call you with a date and time. 

Please note that our Ambulatory Referral Management System (ARMS) will continuously update your doctor electronically on the status of your child's referral. Please do not call our clinic to inquire about your child's booking, but rather contact your referring physician for updates. We book patients on a priority sequence from three to 12 months based on your child's condition. 

If for some reason you cannot make the date your child was booked, please contact the Urology Clinic at 416-813-6661 to reschedule.

Existing patients

If your child is a patient of the Division of Urology and you wish to confirm a follow-up appointment or to book a follow-up appointment, please contact our Urology Clinic at 416-813-6661.

If you get voice mail please leave your child's name (spell the name), date of birth and phone number. Due to a high volume of calls, will get back to you within two to three business days. Please only leave one message, however if you do not hear back within a week, please call again. 


Our clinic offers non-invasive urodynamics which are called flow tests, full urodynamics which are invasive using a catheter, and video urodynamics which use a catheter and fluoroscopy which includes X-ray images with the urodynamics monitoring.


Whether you're expecting a baby boy or have just welcomed him into the world, you have an important decision to make about circumcision. 

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